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Modified: 17-Mar-2017

Published: 16-Mar-2017

Open source software and a service (free and paid) for publishing websites.

WordPress is a “content management system” which let’s users manage the words and images (content) without having to deal with web servers and code. It’s easy to use and is extremely popular, by some estimates runs a quarter of all web sites. So far so good!

Where things get a little confusing is that WordPress is the name of the free software, which anyone could install on their own server, if that’s the sort of thing they’re in to. This “self-hosted” version of WordPress gives you a great deal of power and flexibility, able to make nearly any kind of website. Like this one, for example.

WordPress-dot-com is a service by the company that maintains the WordPress software. It does not need to be installed or maintained — you just sign up for free and get a website. They also have various paid options for things like using your own domain.

But that’s not all! Pomona ITS has also installed WordPress (the software) on our servers and offers our faculty websites at the research.pomona address as a service of our own.

Access and Support

There’s free WordPress all over the place.

Please contact the Educational Technology Group, and we’ll figure out which one is right for you.


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