Video47 Subtitle Project

Jason Smith (ITS)

Video47 is Pomona’s own streaming system used to make academic video content available for all students enrolled in a course on-demand. Video47 content is usually embedded into the Sakai site for a course. Since summer 2015, much work has gone into improving both the functionality and content of Video47, most recently involving the addition of subtitles that can be turned on and off of newly added videos. This capability will be of great use for many of our language faculty, who are some of our most frequent users of Video47 resources. Under our previous method of subtitling, separate copies of a video would have to be uploaded for each set of subtitles requested. This additional functionality will also result in greatly increased accessibility to our whole community of users, as all videos with subtitle files included will have the ability to have English subtitles turned on and off as well. As we move through fine-tuning this process, our entire library will be re-processed, making subtitles available on as close to 100% of our media library as possible.

The addition of the capability required the creation of “Unicorn”, a command line tool developed by Technologist Jason Smith in Python 2.7. The tool has also significantly increased the speed with which we can encode digital video items for our faculty.

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