Millikan Digital Posters

Media Services worked with David Tanenbaum in creating two digital displays to showcase Student Research Posters. Traditionally the posters would hang for a time along the hallways of the given building but with the digital signs they can all be viewed from one space. Two TVs were installed in a vertical (portrait) manner in the desired location.

To make it as accessible as possible for poster authors, the displays use Powerpoint, with custom-built templates and graphics to serve as a blueprint (made with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).

The displays can each showcase up to 15 posters each, with 30 posters between the two. The slideshows will automatically transition to the next poster after delay, but there is also a numbered navigation bar where users can manually navigate to a specific poster. The navigation uses track pads, installed on custom-made mounts below the screens.

More posters have been added to the displays, and several other departments are now discussing the possibility for similar signage.

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