This site is about accretion and curiosity.

Much of the information in this site could be found in other places — libraries, Wikipedia, blogs, and our own KnowledgeBase and Service Desk. But we didn't have a good way to give an overview of the possibilities are with educational technology.

So our goal here is to offer an introduction to those possibilities, to diagram some of the connections between various tools and concepts, and to explain where to go for practical information on how to work with them. By gathering this information together and showing how it relates, we hope to inspire you to find new ways of thinking about and working with technology in education.

The site has three main sections.

First is a tool catalog of educational technology in the broadest sense. Almost any service, software, gadget, or concept could be a tool, so we will try to first focus on those which Pomona ITS maintains or directly supports. But we'll also catalog many other tools that our faculty find useful or we find interesting.

The project portfolio will highlight what Pomona faculty and ITS staff have done with educational technology, especially using resources from the Hahn teaching with technology grant. With those possibilities in mind, we will encourage and assist Pomona faculty with their own Hahn grants.

Finally there is a third section of larger discussion topics that relate to the tools and projects. These common technology subjects were chosen for their openness to interpretation, in the hope that putting these in context of practical tools and achieved projects will provoke further discussion and uncover surprising relationships. To highlight the playful nature of these interconnections, these topics will also be printed as a set of cards for Pomona faculty.

This site is run by the Educational Technology Group of Pomona ITS

Pomona EdTech is edited Jason Brown. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know!